Amateur Chessboxing World Championship 2018 India

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Amateur Chessboxing World Championship 2018 India

For the second time in the young history of the sport of chessboxing, a three days amateur world championship tournament will be held open to everyone with decent chess and boxing skills who thinks (s)he can take it up with the already existing global chessboxing community and become amateur world champion.

Last year more than 120 fighters from 6 different countries already joined for the first amateur world championships.

From the 26th until the 29th of July more than 200 fighters from all over the world are expected, ranging from the 11 member countries of the World Chess Boxing Organisation like Russia, Germany, India, Iran, USA, France and Italy to fighters from countries where there is not yet a chessboxing organisation in place. The level of the fighters varies from 3 to more than 80 amateur boxing bouts as well as chess ELO ratings between 1200 and 2200.

For more information visit the of the World Chess Boxing Organisation.