Inspired by a comic and born as an art performance, chessboxing was never meant to be just a sport.

Chessboxing is a philosophy. Not in the sense of life. In the sense of survival.

Yes, we are on a global quest for the smartest and toughest, but at its very core, chessboxing is a social movement.

It is not about fitness mania or the cover of Men’s Health. It is about pushing past borders. About finding oneself and growing beyond; to expand one's own being.

We are not some brainiacs on the nerd patrol; we know how to throw a straight right punch to the chin. But neither are are we brainless bonobos looking for a fight on every street corner.

We admire Stephen Hawking AND Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Chessboxing is the balance between aggression and control; ambition and humility.
Chessboxing is a strategy. Gandhi is good. Tyson as well.

You have to flee or attack. On the board, as in the ring. It's about control.
Testosterone, adrenaline, and ambition as driving forces.
The control of these forces is what chessboxing is all about.
In private life as well as in society.
That’s what we are fighting for.

Join the evolution. Spread the word.